INFIN8 offers customized solutions based on a detailed understanding of your financial needs including Financial Planning and Investment Advice, Risk Planning and Management and Insurance solutions. 

We provide tailor made, long-term investment strategies based on your specific requirements regarding cash flow and tax planning. Focusing on your financial independence we put strategies in place to preserve and grow your wealth. We specialise in working with individuals and companies focusing on your short and long term insurance needs, investments and overall financial planning needs. We know that your business forms the cornerstone of your wealth and our aim is to assist in creating wealth through understanding what drives your financial independence. 

We will provide guidance in terms of managing Equity, Income, Succession Planning and Staff Planning. Property forms an important part to build up wealth with the help of gearing – creating passive income through rental as well as capital growth. Together we will develop a financial plan that will not only build for the future but manage any unexpected happenings along the way. 


We offer world-class investment vehicles that cater for you and your family’s specific needs Depending on your preferences, specific requirements, desired lifestyle and objectives we will provide local as well as offshore investment products – always with the aim to achieve financial independence. Your financial plan will include the effective management of your investments.

We understand and keep abreast of the legislative framework and changes, legal precedents and policy amendments regarding the investment environment, enabling us to ensure your portfolio remains sustainable and relevant for you and your family.


 Benjamin Graham



Regardless of your level of wealth, estate planning is a vital part of your overall financial plan. Planning ahead can give you greater control, privacy, and an opportunity to leave more of your legacy to your loved ones. Although estate planning can be a complex task, a well-informed plan can make a big difference in the financial wellbeing of those left behind.  

Having a comprehensive estate plan in place can help you feel more confident about the future and that your loved ones will be taken care of. It can help you achieve a variety of goals and objectives, including: 

– Providing support and financial stability for your spouse.

– Preserving assets for future generations (minors).

– Ensuring all of your assets, including those that pass by beneficiary designation (e.g., retirement accounts and life insurance policies), will be distributed according to your wishes.

– Minimising taxes and expenses.

– Ensuring that individuals you choose can make decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity. 

– Supporting a favourite charity or other worthy cause.


Ensure that your possessions will be distributed as you wish.

If you die without a Will, the law decides how your estate will be distributed. Although some property will automatically be passed to a spouse or children, exact distribution depends on the value of the property and the terms of title deeds. A Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out.

Appoint and outline powers of an Executor and/or Trustee.

Writing a Will allows you to decide who will oversee and manage distribution of your estate. Designating a trustworthy and impartial Executor provides peace of mind that the terms of your Will will be honoured.

Appoint a guardian for minor children.

Your Will serves as the legal guiding document for care of minor children in the event of the death of both parents.

Expedite the legal process.

It is generally faster and less costly to settle an estate with a valid Will. Reducing legal fees protects the value of your property and savings to be passed to beneficiaries.

Reduce stress and heartache for loved ones.

A Will that clearly outlines your wishes for funeral arrangements and property distribution will reduce confusion and family disagreements during a stressful and emotionally difficult time.


You can’t predict the future. However, with the use of Insurance in Risk Management we assist you to replace any income shortfalls in eventualities like death, disability, illness and dread disease. Because the reality is that they can hit your business just as hard as you. Protecting one’s dependents from loss as a result of death, disability, impairment or dreaded disease is the cornerstone of sound risk management and good financial planning.


Life Insurance provides cover for the income you would have generated for your dependents after your death, enabling them to live the life they have been accustomed to. It is essential for those with families, businesses or other financial commitments – ensuring that your business and your legacy can continue.


What would you do if you could not work anymore? Your biggest asset is your ability to generate an income. Severe illness does not only have an impact your income generation ability but also an emotional strain on everyone around you. Disability income cover provides the necessary income and liquidity for dependents’ living expenses, debt cover, estate costs and estate duties.  Income and Disability cover will replace your income in the event of you becoming temporarily or permanently disabled – enabling you to maintain the lifestyle that you’re accustomed to. 


No matter your age or how healthy you are, anyone can be diagnosed with a severe illness. To get the right treatment and maintain your health can be very expensive, even if you have medical aid. However, you can be financially prepared and protect your and your family’s financial well-being with the necessary severe illness cover. 

The benefits of proper cover includes:

– Removal of financial stress.

– Provision of additional funds in case of medical short falls.

– Cash required for overseas treatment.

– Cash for a ‘getting well’ sabbatical.

INFIN8 will provide you with guidance and independent solutions in terms of what life, disability and dread disease cover would be best suited to you.


INFIN8 will undertake a comprehensive risk assessment of all your personal and commercial needs. We partner with most insurance companies to provide you with tailor-made insurance products. 

  • Household & Motor Insurance.
  • Building Insurance.
  • Household Insurance.
  • All Risks Insurance.
  • Motor Insurance.
  • Specialist Insurance.
  • 24 hr Home & Roadside Assist.
  • Liability.
  • Business Insurance.
  • Specialty Businesses.
  • Passenger and Tourism Transport and Taxi.
  • Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Services.
  • Schools.
  • Trucking.
  • Public Sector.
  • Aviation.
  • Construction and Engineering.
  • Marine.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Sport, Recreation & Entertainment.
  • Specialty Insurances.
  • Directors and Officers Liability.
  • Medical Malpractice.
  • Cyber Risk.
  • Trade Credit Solutions.
  • Political Risk Solutions.
  • Professional Indemnity.



The cost of treatment and care from private hospitals and the rising medical expenses are of utmost concern to these patients and their families. Based on your individual, family of business needs, INFIN8 will help you to select a medical product that will suit your requirements. We will also provide recommendations for appropriate Gap Cover solutions covering the difference between what your medical aid pays and the rates charged by medical specialists.



You have worked hard to build and grow your business and you want to make sure your family will reap the rewards. We have specialist partners that will help you with your business planning to ensure that you, your family or your business partner will be able to unlock the value, within the business, should you pass, become disabled or loose a key individual within your business.